Who are we ?

An association for the assistance and rescue of people in difficulty, precariousness or distress.

Pilots, mechanics and rescuers, we are ready to act for mutual aid and rescue missions. Engaged in recent years in the air support provided to NGOs mobilized in the Mediterranean, we can with our aeronautical skills and our aircraft: 


– fly to save lives,
– fly to reduce distances,
– fly to rescue disasters,
– fly to restore means of communication…

Our aircraft can carry, in a short time, medical personnel, NGOs, humanitarian missions, but also food aid, medicines, relief equipment, telecommunications means.
Solidarity to help the most vulnerable, in France or further afield.

We have the possibility to send people or equipment to support actors already engaged in assistance and relief or as part of ad hoc interventions.

Our aircraft allows aerial observation and has a range of 1500 kms to engage our resources and bring our experience where our presence is useful, in France and abroad.

, to contribute to the rescue of people in distress, by an active watch by flying over a territory and alert the authorities in charge of rescue, on land or at sea.

 ASSIST, through logistical assistance through the transport of equipment and / or health and rescue professionals. With the evacuation of people in medical situations requiring a long trip.

to testify about the situations observed by CIEL SOLIDAIRE, with survivors so that they testify to their journey, with specialists to understand and explain the situations in which CIEL SOLIDAIRE is involved to anticipate the emergencies of tomorrow.